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TalktoWendys Survey is an online survey to collect customer feedback and opinions regarding their products and services. You can conduct this survey by inputting the restaurant number and the date and time of your visit to the Wendys’.

You can conduct this customer satisfaction survey at any time if you are at least 18 years old and if you are the legal resident of the United States.

Wendy’s Restaurant is one of the most popular and most loved fast-food restaurants in the United States. Also, it is one of the best restaurants in the world.

Dave Thomson established this restaurant on November 15, 1969, in Columbus. On January 29, 2006, the headquarters were shifted to Ohio City, Dublin.

The TalktoWendys restaurant already offers the customers its best and most delicious cuisine with a wide range of varieties. But the sandwich is the most loved food of its menu. People of all ages adore Wendys’ and the food offered by them.

TalktoWendys Contact Details

If you have any issues with the TalktoWendys Survey, you can easily reach the customer support team by phone or by email. The customer representatives of the Wendys are available 24 hours to help the customers out.

Wendys Dial Number: (888) -624-8140.

You can also contact the customer support of Wendys on social media:

Send a message with your social media account and the TalktoWendys customer support of the Wendys will contact you as soon as possible.


You can conduct the TalktoWendys survey on the official website at You can use any device having active internet access, although it is extremely easy to answer the survey questionnaire from a PC or laptop. Kindly note that you will also require a stable internet connection.

After completing the survey, you will be dispatched a validation code. If you complete the survey successfully, you will be receiving the meals at heavy discounts from the Wendys’.